In Loving Memory of
Christopher Clement Acosta
July 14, 1978 - September 12, 1999

Christopher's senior year picture.

Christopher's Senior year, graduation

Cry no tears for me,
for the wings of faith and hope and love
have brought me to a land
where sunsets are forever and the days never end,
where no good thing, thought or feeling is wasted.
Where hurt and sorrow are but a memory,
and love reigns supreme.
Where every moment we touch the face of God.
Be not Afraid: For I am not gone,
but only flying beyond where the eyes can see.
I will come to you on the wings of dreams and memory
and in the days of sadness allow the good we shared
to be the Wind beneath your Wings.

Be not Afraid. To use those wings for this lift is a gift
to be used well, trees to climb, challenges to meet,
fish to catch, jokes to tell, and most important...
Love to give and share.

When your wings are strong enough -
I'll meet you in the sky,
and we'll ride the high winds of our Saviour's love forever.
~ Author Unknown

Senior Year High School Prom

Another picture from the Prom

Senior Year Graduation 1996


Senior Year Pictures

Chris graduated from Cortez High School. He was working at Discover Credit Card at the time of his death, had worked there for five & one-half years. He had enrolled to attend a Junior College that following Fall. He was so thoughtful about his family, and loved us so very much. He was fun and a prankster growing up, as at the age of around eight. Always would use his recorder under our beds to get to listen to conversations,
which in turn got him into trouble with us.

Matthew and Christopher were close as they were only a year and half apart. Matthew has many memories of Christopher, as they got into trouble a lot together. Their favorite movie was watching "The Goonies" together. They watched this so many times. One big trouble they got themselves into, was dialing 911, and the police came to our home, and they were lectured and scared out of their wits. We were lucky it was a small town we lived at,
and that we knew the policeman.

When Christopher was just a little boy, he and his brother Matthew were so afraid of the fire crackers,
and fire engines during the Fourth Of July.
I his Mom would always have to hold them and hug them so that they wouldn't be afraid.

Christopher and Matthew, 1981.

Another picture of Christopher and Matthew

I came across this picture of Christopher in 1985 with a little friend, Daniel Lovall.. Two little friends.. We lived in Bagdad, Ariz. at the time Christopher was 7 yrs. old.

This picture here with the four of us, is Benny, Matthew, Christopher and Nora.
It was taken for his and Matthew's Sacrament of Confirmation,at St. Simon & Jude Catholic Church.

Our dear friend Linda Rice has made this for Nora and Benny Acosta in honor of their 46th wedding anniversary. As you see Linda has added their son, Christopher, to the picture. Isn't it beautiful?
With love to Nora and Benny as you celebrate 46 wonderful years together.
Please visit Linda's special web page for her daughter Tina's 15th Anniversary in Heaven ~ Tina's 15th Heavenly Anniversary

These seven very special gifts for Angel Christopher are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

These two beautiful gifts for Angel Christopher are from my friend Janet.


These are from Christmas. He is giving me, Nora, his mom a kiss.

Christopher was just so comical. So cute and so loveable with those big cheeks, as a little boy.
He was so loving to all of us, he'd hug on us, and always so very caring, and comforting to all.
We miss him all the time, and all our good memories are still with us,
of him growing up, and being who he was.

This is when Christopher graduated from the 8th grade. He wanted so bad to dress like his brothers' style, and older, not needing to yet, and my oldest son Paul bought him this suit, which was too big for him.
I fought with him not to wear it. He wanted it so bad. I had to alternate it in so may different ways. It still didn't fit. I finally gave up and let him go ahead and wear it.
It is not one of our favorite pictures, but it is still him, and we still loved him no matter if he wore whatever he liked.


When Christopher was born on the back seat of our brand new station wagon, he came feet first. It was scary,as he wasn't breathing and he was so blue, and limber. The cord was wrapped around his neck.
The nurse there saved his life. I sometimes think that "perhaps our son was to have died that night,
but I prayed and prayed so hard and kept asking God to let him live",
that perhaps God lent him to us for another 20 yrs? God only knows, but this is what I wonder if it was so? No matter
whether it was newborn or at the age as he turned 21, it hurts.

Christopher at 8 years old with Grandpa Clement, First Holy Communion, 1987

Nora, I know your heart pines for Christopher as all our mom's hearts do.. As I look on my Marjorie's pictures, it helps and I know that Christopher's website is so warming to your heart.. Maria and all that gave have given you a place to go to see your beloved so big on screen with the big heart he has and more so in heaven.. My heart hurts with you to see his smile and watch him bring joy and laughter.. May this bring you a little joy today... You are on my heart and in my prayers.. I so wish that our pain was not so great and yet we know that from this pain we can comfort each other.. Please remember that I am here for you.. I so want to get to know Christopher more.. He is such a handsome guy!!! I know all your kids are, too.. God has blessed us with their beauty..
Peace and so much love, Norma Jean mom to Marjorie Mae!!

I love you my dear friend, NORA

Remembering your Beloved Christopher!!

We ask God to comfort and bless you and keep you this month as you carry the pain of Christopher not being here.. I am sorry that I got side tracked and did not send this on Saturday, but my heart was with you as you thought so many thoughts of how much you love and miss Christopher.. He will remain the funny and wonderful son that made your day .. May some of the memories bring joy to your heart.. It is always bitter sweet to remember.. We will stand on golden streets one day and see Jesus and our kids smiling and waiting with open arms...

Christopher and Marjorie Forever!!!

Jesus is shining His love upon you and giving you the strength each day to carry on.. Thank you for being such a great friend and support all these years..
I treasure our conversations and grieving together..I don't feel so alone in my pain.. You are a shining star in my life
and God will give you what you need today..!

Sending love and care with lots of hugs and kisses..
Norma Jean, mom to Angel Marjorie

These 2 pictures are from 1986, for his brother Vince's wedding.

Here he was in a wedding for my niece.

As a child when he was around five or so, he was real afraid of the "Hulk", as all the other kids would watch it on television, and he had his oldest brother Paul take him riding on Paul's bicycle down the street until it was over. He wouldn't dare watch it. He also was so afraid of the movie part where "ET" was found, and all the men came for him in their white uniforms.

He loved his four nephew's and nieces before his passing. He baptized his niece Tatiyana, in which made him her God Father. This is just a little something of his life. He loved his family and loved being around us always. He loved Christmas. He would go out of his way to buy everyone what they wanted that year. He loved giving. He would buy his nieces and nephews the noisiest toys! He loved to watch everyone open their gifts with such joy, to see that he made us all happy and satisfied with his gifts. He would not buy things for himself, but would rather give it away to others.

This picture above is of Christopher with Vincent. One of Vince's best memories, was the times when Vince would go out of town to see his girlfriend,
and Christopher would go with him, and they would listen to Christopher's oldie but goodies tapes on their trip there,
and they would always sing together.

These 2 pictures above are of Chris with Tatiyana.

Chris with Alyssa.

Chris with Benny.

My son was a real caring person, which may have caused him his life. He went to the aid of a friend, who was being beaten by four guys, and as he was approaching he was shot. He did not fight,or have drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death, the autopsy showed none.
He showed no signs of fighting in his body.

He was just going to help someone who was being beaten, or check to see if it wasn't a friend. So many different stories, that he may have been going
to leave in his new 1999 Firebird at the time, as he died only ten feet from his car.
We don't have a whole lot of answers, just questions. His case is a cold case.
The detective did not do his job at the time.

Christopher's 1999 Firebird


Chris took pictures all the time at a younger age. He wanted to be a model,
which he did only once in his younger years.

Christopher was so special to all the family, as he loved his family so. He would think of everyone, and buy things for everyone else to please. Even though he wouldn't buy things for himself. He was so giving and loved all the grand-kids, as I think I may have told you before. He would do anything for anyone, which it may have caused him his life, as he went to the aid of someone getting beat up by four guys. He wasn't sure if it might have been one of his friends, or who? We don't quite know.

This picture of Christopher on the couch was taken in June of 99, months before his death.

This is a picture taken three months before Christopher died. He was wearing this tee-shirt when he was killed.
Also the nice necklace he had on, which was taken from him, which he had bought, and was expensive.
We love this as this is all we had that was the most recent.

Christopher lifted weights and ran a mile a day. He also would box to try to keep in shape.
During his Senior year he was nominated for best built, but didn't win, although it was a proud time for him.
He also had a beautiful voice and loved singing. He joined the choir during his high school years.
He was too shy to sing around the family or friends.

He and his brothers Vince & Matthew loved to sing "Lost That Loving Feeling". He could really
hit those high notes, and they had so much fun singing on some of our out of town trips.
He also loved to listen to "Stand By Me", as he studied for school, and doing his homework.
He said "it would inspire him". He was an "A" student in school.

My oldest Daughter Tyra Ann and Christopher worked at a credit card company, although not in the same department. They shared a lot of time with each other. One of her good memories of him was one day, he asked her "if she had a dollar so he could buy himself a candy?" And she asked him "what's the matter are you broke, because I could give you some money," and he laughed and said,"no,I have $20.00, but I don't want to cash it".
She still gave him the dollar.




His Dad"s best memories of Christopher, were the times when he would be sitting outside, smoking his cigar, and Christopher would pull up a chair and sit next to him, to share his troubles or ask for advice, or just to visit with his Dad, which was their time together. This is one of the times
that his dad misses the most about him.

Mine as his mom, have the most beautiful one that is such a great memory. Which was at Christmas time, he bought me the most beautiful gold set of forks, spoons and knives. Come my birthday just a few months after, he bought me a white dinnerware with gold trim to match the dinner set, as he knew that for Thanksgiving I loved to set up a beautiful table for all of our family. I will never forget the look in his face, to please me so bad, as I opened the white dinnerware set! He had a glow in his eyes and face, just waiting to see if I would be pleased, and when I opened them, and said "you got this for me?", he just glowed with pride! He'd gone all on his own and bought it, as he didn't find it for Christmas, but got it for my birthday.

Our grand-kids for Thanksgiving 2013.. With table setting that Christopher had given his mom for Christmas and her birthday right before he passed.

Standing in back, Grand-Parents: Benny Acosta Sr. and Nora Acosta; Left Front Row: Tatiyana Acosta, Vincent Acosta Jr.,Benny Paul Acosta III; At the back part of the table: Alyssa Acosta, right next to Alyssa, is Dominique Acosta; right middle: Briana Acosta; right Front: Trinity Acosta Oliver, two front chairs are the youngest of all our grand-kids: Right: Christopher Acosta (named in honor of his uncle Christopher) Left front: Mikayla Acosta.

This is when the grand-kids were younger,and we did a reenactment. This was taken for Thanksgiving of 2008... At the time we had only seven grand-kids ~
Front: L-Tatiyana Acosta, Vincent Jr., Benny Paul Acosta III; Head of the back table: Alyssa Acosta; Right-Dominique Acosta; (Right Middle) Briana Acosta; Right Front Trinity Oliver


Christopher also knew how much I loved angels, so he bought me a chime with an angel on it. His sister said he'd gone all over trying to find me the right angel. He also was very pleased with himself to know how much I loved his gifts. The chime hangs in our dining room today. Come that September he was killed, and he never got to see the table set for Thanksgiving that year. I couldn't even do Thanksgiving that year. As it was right after his death. Christmas too
was so hard to do. We had the smallest tree about three feet high,that year.

Angel Rade's mom, Donna, made this Christmas gift for Rade and some of his angel friends,
including our Christopher.
Remembering Rade at Christmas

Benny Sr. & I, Nora. Christopher's loving mom and dad.

This is my favorite picture of Benny & I, at our son Vince's wedding. I said that you will never see Benny in a tux again. And we haven't.

This one is of our last family picture together, in 1996. All five of my kids. Sad to say, we wait too long take this picture. My Tyra Ann had made an appointment for all of us
to have our family picture taken not too long before Christopher passed, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get everyone together.
Sad, though, that later was too late.

The above 2 frames are from

Framed by

Our family on the stairway of our daughter Tyra Ann's house. It was taken in June 09.
Of course there is always our one Angel Christopher missing.

This is the latest of our family.. Tyra Ann Acosta Oliver Matthew Acosta,Benny Sr. (dad) Nora (Mom),
Benny (Paul) Jr. Acosta,& Vince Acosta, Sr.

How can I tell you what is in my heart?
How can I measure each and every part?
How can I tell you how much I love you?
How can I measure just how much I do?

How much do I love you?
I tell you no lies
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day do I think of you?
How many roses are covered with dew?

How far would I travel to be where you are?
How far is the journey from here to a star?

And if I ever lost you how much would I cry?
How deep is the Ocean?
How high is the sky
~ Author Unknown


My niece Rhonda captured this rainbow recently, in the sky above where Christopher was buried, in St. John's Cemetery.


I'm Still Here

Please Mom, do not stand at my grave and weep
I wait at Heaven's Door with all the memories that I keep
Weep not for me, I rest in tranquil places
far beyond what you could know
Be still and hear my voice within your soul

I am not gone, I'm still right here with you
So very close to me and seeing all that you still do
Be not afraid of where I've gone
You cannot even dream of things I know
A Place of beauty I now call home
I see the Face of God with songs of Angels
That sing for me alone

Celebrate the life that I once lived
Keep in your heart the song of love I give
Remember me and keep me close to you
But not with tears, and not because my years were few
But just because I live a life that's new
A place with no more tears or pain or sorrow
Weep not my mom, for we shall meet tomorrow

Written in Memory of Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 to October 19, 2002
By Laura's Mom

Mother's Day Gifts

These image above is a loving gift from Patti, mom to Angel Dustin.

Maybe some people just aren't meant to be in our lives forever.
Maybe some people are just passing through...
maybe they get it all down faster than the rest of us.
They don't need to stick around
for a hundred years to get it all right.
They get it down real quick...
it's like... some people just come through our lives
to bring us something, a gift, a blessing,
a lesson we need to learn,
and that's why they're here.
He taught you something I'll bet... about love, and giving,
and caring so much about someone...
that was his gift to you...
he taught you all that and when he left,
Maybe he just didn't need to stay longer than that.
He gave you the gift,
and then he was free to move on...
he was a special soul...You'll have that gift forever."
~ Danielle Steel...."The Gift"


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