"I am truly grateful to Sherri© for surprising me with this absolutely breath-taking graphic!!!"

"Christopher also loved beavers because they build too"

Christopher always loved to build and play with Legos.
He was all boy though, and also played with Micro Machines,
Batman figures, construction vehicles, and pretended
to be a policeman or army man.
Oh, and Christopher loved anything to do with Star Wars.
How thrilled he would be to know
that they are now coming out with Star Wars Legos!
But his absolute favorite past-time was building,
particularly with his beloved Legos.
We could spend an entire day playing with Legos.
Christopher and I would build a space station,
or an undersea port, or a castle, or a fort.
Then we would build vehicles for each of the good guys
and for the bad guys, too.
Every time, I would be the bad guys on attack,
and Christopher would be the good guys defending their base.
In Christopher’s world, the good guys always won.
So I will never understand why such a good little boy
was not permitted to win his own battle.
My love for you, Christopher, is never ending.
The one thing that keeps me going is the hope that one day
we will be reunited and will again be building
with Legos, and you will be the winner.
With all my love, forever,
Your Mommy.


Lego Castle

for Maria, remembering Christopher,

by Jamie VanDerMeer 01/13/2000

My heart cries out, "Oh, Christopher!

Where are you, precious one?
I'm missing you, I can't believe you're gone
My sweet little angel son"

Then I hear a giggle
And , incongruous as it seems
Amidst my grief I heard my son's voice
Coming to me on sun beams

Hey, Mommy! I've got a surprise for you!
I can't wait until you see
the lego castle that I made
It's waiting for you and me

Around my special castle
I've built a great big moat
With a waterfall sparkling into it
Where my beaver friends can float

I wish you could be with me now
And see all that I've done.
But tasks are still waiting for you
You've yet to fulfill your mission

Until that time when you arrive
I'll send signs and watch and play
I'll greet you with a great big hug
On your heaven day

I'd like to thank Jamie VanDerMeer for remembering Christopher with this beautiful poem
and for inspiring me, Rosemary, to create this web page in his memory.


This web page is created for
Christopher Ronald Faller
by Mom FOREVER to Louise Antoinette Torres©
on January 22, 2000
Last updated May 2, 2010
© 2000 - 2010

Dearest Maria: This page is created with so much love and hugs to you, Ron, Rachel and Mark. I wish there was so much more I could give you
on this day to make it easier for you to get through *sigh* I know NINE years is a long time to be without your precious Angel Christopher,
but just know that his memory lives on in all you do for him. . . Thank you for giving me the pleasure of knowing your Son...in all you do in his memory.
I Love you Ron, Maria, Rachel and Mark and Angel Christopher...your Light will Shine FOREVER!

**NOTE: Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated this page..but just so you know you are ALL ALWAYS
in my Thoughts, no matter how far away I am..I LOVE YOU more than you will ever know! 12/2/07

Hugs to ALL of you!

"Christopher loved building with Legos so much that he was known as 'The LegoKid.'
To honor Christopher, the Lego Company has named the figure called Chris Com Link for him.

To quote from the letter that the Lego company sent to Christopher's family
-- "The guiding principal of our Company since it was founded has always been, 'Only the Best is Good Enough.'
Christopher's story is a wonderful testimonial that our efforts are worthwhile. We will explore opportunities
to share it with employees throughout the Company.
To acknowledge Christopher's special fondness for LEGO products, we will display his photograph
in the Maniac Madness section of the July issue of the LEGO Mania Magazine.
Also, a new mini-figure character, within the New PossiBuildities section, will be named after Christopher."


It Seems So Unreal That You Are Not Here
Your Mommy Keeps Searching As Her Eyes Fill With Tears
Why, Oh Why, Did You Have To Leave
Your Mommy and Daddy Were Left To Grieve
See The New Legos That They Have Put Out
But I'm Sure Yours Are Better, Of This There's No Doubt
I Know There Are Beavers With Real Tiny Wings
Soaring With Angels and Heavenly Things
Christopher Angel I Know You So Well
One Day I Will Meet You In God's Home Where You Dwell

With My Love Little Beaver
Laura's Mommy

With Love . . . To Christopher

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