In Loving Memory of Christopher Ronald Faller
May 7, 1990 - March 24, 1998

Sweet Little Christopher

Sweet little Christopher, twenty long years ago
You received your new heart.
But how could we have ever known
That it carried a deadly virus?
One so different from what had affected your own.
Back in the hospital then,
Yet another battle for you to fight.
So many things went wrong,
Not much was going right.
But all the doctors said they would cure you.
They said you would eventually come home.
Either Daddy or I was with you at all times,
We made sure you were never alone,
You were so courageous, right until the end.
You know we will always love you
And never ever forget you.
I miss you terribly, sweet little Christopher,
My son, my best friend
My love is with you forever
Your Mommy

This is a loving gift from Betty and her Angel Tommy.

I'm not so sure about sharing these pictures of Christopher
from in the hospital, but they were taken after his transplant,
so I guess it is fitting for this page.
I have only shared these on this page, so bear with me.
In the picture on the left, that is how Chris dressed after the transplant,
because he wasn't used to being so warm, sigh. In the picture on the right,
Chris is with one of the cardiologists, who happened to be a real soldier.
Chris thought that was really cool, so we just had to take this picture.

Here is a gift for your sweetheart....

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Above are two loving gifts from my dear friend, Linda. You can visit her web page
for her Angel Heather here -- Heather Lynne in Heaven

These are two special gifts from my friend Marie and her Angel Rob.

This is a wonderful and loving gift from Patti, Mom to Angel Dustin.

I hope you like this gift! I did have to put Christopher with some legos.
Love and hugs! Patti

Halloween Party For All Angels


Here is a little Surprise Gift.
Love and hugs! Patti

These seven lovely gifts are also from my friend Marie and her Angel Rob.

This beautiful gift is from my dear friend, Diana. You can visit her web page
for her son Robbie here -- In Loving Memory of Our Angel Robbie

This very special gift is from Audrey's Angel Graphics.

These three gifts are from Special Angels Kept So Near In Memory

Doris, Robert's Mom

These two special gifts above are from Windy, Roman's Mom.

These two gifts above are from Rochelle, Derek's Mom.

Thinking of you and Christopher...
Love, Susie

Many days have come and gone
And many years have, too.
We only have your yesterdays
And memories of you...

Written for Jason
Copyright 2009 Susie Dunn

Stop by and see what's new at Jason's Website

Jason Christopher Dunn

And these 4 images above are all also special gifts from my dear friend, Susie.



These 7 images above are wonderful and loving gifts from Linda, Mom to Angel Joey.

These seven special gifts are from Sheila, Carliser's Mom.

In the wisp of misty moonlight,
On a bright and shining star
The distant sound of your laughter
Comes singing from afar

Dancing through the heavens,
Across the fathomless miles
All creation speaks to me
The memory of your smile

You can see here how happy Chris was to finally be
home from the hospital.
I sure do miss that beautiful smile, sigh.

Prayer For This Special Day

Most gracious and wise heavenly Father
I come to you this day to lift up the Faller Family
Lord Father bless their hearts as they remember Christopher today
Let nothing disturb their hearts so they may feel his love today
How strong Christopher was when he was here
How strong was his courage to face what was before him
Lord God I pray for the same strength and courage for this family today
Christopher knew your love Lord and held it close to him
May your love Father be as with Christopher's family as it was for him
Lord, Christopher touched many lives when he was here
Even today Lord, he still touching lives
I thank you Lord Father for the Faller family
And for Christopher, who has touched my heart too

Dearest Maria & Family,
How odd, or should I say surprising, God works in our lives. This morning I had a doctor's appointment.
As I was getting ready to leave to go this morning,
I was compelled to reach for Joyce's book From A Father's Heart.
As I sat waiting for the doctor, I read Christopher's story by your husband.
I finished both stories and had tears flowing as the doctor came in.
Then I get home and find an email from you about Christopher's special page.
My prayers for you and your family, and thank you for all you do for all of us and our angels.
With Love,

This special gift is from my friend, Mary, John's Mom

A memory not forgotten,
But tucked deep in my soul
As I gaze across the moonlit sky
Each memory makes me whole

It is said that memories fade with time,
Yet each day they grow much more clear
When I hear your laughter across moonlit skies
I know that you are still near

This is a loving gift from Angie, mom to another Angel Christopher.

Beautiful Poetry by Allison Chambers Coxsey

This is another beautiful gift from Mary, John's Mom.

Dearest Maria and Ron: My small gift to you for Angel Christopher.
My prayers and blessings to you always.

A small gift for you for your Angel Christopher's special transplant page.
My prayers and blessings to you, dear friend. May God always hold you close to Him.
May Christopher send you signs of his love. God bless you.


This is a beautiful and loving gift from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

And these four beautiful gifts above, and also the Thanksgiving gift below,
are from my dear friend, Saralyn, mom to Angel Robbie.

Angel Robbie's Thanksgiving Page


I wrote your name on the sand...but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky...but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in my heart...and forever it'll stay.

Gone are the days we used to share,
But in our hearts you are always there,
The gates of memory will never close,
We miss you more than anyone knows,
With tender love and deep regret,
We who love you will never forget.
~ Author unknown

This is a beautiful page for your Christopher. I just love Pooh bear and Tigger.
This is a lil something for the page, my friend.
Please know I send my love and prayers to you today.
And I have a candle burning in memory of your lil angel.
Love you, Carol

My Angel Son Michael

Maria, this is for Christopher's newest page. I just needed to do this,
I think you understand. Love and angel hugs.

Above is another loving gift from my dear friend Joyce.

TO: Angel Christopher ~
Who can be seen in the twinkling of the stars
Playing in heaven with Lego's and cars
Being rocked by the angels each night as he sleeps
While here on the earth his mommy does weep
But watched by Angel Laura until the fine day
That mommy and Daddy will be coming his way
FROM: Angel Laura ~

"We were unknown to each other
until the terrible words had been spoken ~
And we need each other. Give me your hand for a time
and we can become what we truly are, a family,
closer than blood, united by a bond
that was forced upon us...
but a bond that can make us stronger,
still wounded, to be sure, but stronger,
for our sorrows are shared.
The tears that run down your face are my tears
and the wound in your soul is my pain too ~
The Friend of Your Heart
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

The two images above are loving gifts from Sonia and her Angel Matthew.


And the two images above are gifts from my dear friend, Pammi.

Sharing a Halloween gift with you all -
God bless you, my friends.
With love,
Judi,Mom to Angel Andrew

May God bless you all this Thanksgiving season.
With love and hugs,
Judi, Andrew's Mom

Welcoming Committee

Thank You Deanne, ANGEL Jacob
Jacob's Memorial Site

I LOVE this Halloween gift so much and want to share it with you all, please add to your Halloween sites
if you have one, gratis my friend Patti!
Love, cindyjo

Michelle Marie Greever

Thinking of you and your angel this Thanksgiving and thanking God for your friendship, love and support...
God bless
With love,
Linda, Mom to Angel Tina

Dear Heavenly Father,
In your name I ask of you
To bless those I hold dear to me
Family & friends
And those our angels
Who have joined you in heaven
It's because of you
We celebrate this special day...
On this Thanksgiving we gather together
With those we love
A day for giving thanks
As you have made this all possible
For all we have been given...
Thank you God for Jesus!
In Jesus name I pray

With love,
Linda, Mom to Angel Tina


Beautiful page for your sweet angel Christopher. Wish things would have turned out differently for both of you.
Here's a little gift for his heart transplant anniversary and also a little Halloween gift.
Love you both, Elena

Hey sweetie, thought I would do a few gifts for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Hope you like them...
Love ya, Elena

In Memory of Dennis Yarbrough


This webpage is created
In Loving Memory of Christopher Ronald Faller
In Remembrance of His Piggyback Heart Transplant Operation
on October 1, 2002
Last updated: October 5, 2017
2000 - 2017

In Loving Memory of Laurie Bauer

Sending a small Thanksgiving gift. Wishing you peace and love during this holiday season.
Love and Hugs,
Lynn, Mom to Angel Ken

My Brother and I want to wish you and your beautiful Christopher a good Thanksgiving.
Patti and I have worked on his site alot more, so if you get the chance PLEASE visit.
Bubba's Site

The background and the framed photos and most of the Pooh images
are beautiful gifts from ~

And some of the Pooh tags are wonderful gifts from Benjiman's mommy
and also from my dear friends Sheri and Joyce.

The "pencil" drawing of Christopher is a gift
from my dear friend