In Loving Memory of
Deanne Schauer Lawrence
January 23, 1974 - September 29, 2003

This beautiful gift was sent to us from Charlie's cousin, Karyn.

Our family picture, from happier times.


Are there birthdays in Heaven?
Does the angel blow his horn?
Announcing to everybody
That this is the day you were born?

Can the stars be your balloons
And angel food your cake?
Presents wrapped in moonbeams
All the angels helped to make.

Birthdays meant so much to you
They were always a big deal
Birthday presents, lots of friends
And perhaps a special meal.

So I'll whisper a little prayer today
Asking everyone up above
To sing you a Happy Birthday song
And give you all my love.
~ Author Unknown

Our Deanne was born on January 23, 1974.....she was an enjoyable baby and such a cute toddler.
Was very smart. She picked up on learning things very fast.

Here Charlie is giving Deanne a bath before church when she was just a few weeks old.
He loves babies... always did...always will.


Birthdays are a time for celebration
Not a time for tears
But what happens when the birthdays
No longer mark the years
A birthday marks the moment
A spirit enters earthly life
To share its special love and joy
And learn from earthly strife
Before a spirit comes to us,
It Knows when and how it must depart
It chooses its path carefully,
We are honored from the start
The sadness we now feel on such a joyous day
Is longing for our loved one's touch
It's natural to feel this way
For even though the birthdays
No longer mark a spirit's stay
Love continues on forever
To touch us everyday
I hug my precious memories
Close to my heart
And honor my beloved spirit child
Who chose me from the start.
~ Author Unknown

Deanne was about 3 years old in this picture.

Deanne with friend Amy. They stayed friends pretty much all of Deanne's life.

Deanne jamming to her music.

Deanne with her dad and her sister, Danielle.

Deanne's high school graduation picture

Danielle and Deanne together in happier times.

Birthday celebration with the two sisters...

Today is my birthday
My legacy is not wealth or mighty belongings,
My legacy is you and your life.
Spend it wisely and carefully
Guard it always
Do not be sad
Feel the wind on your face and in your hair
And know that I loved you
For I am there with you, in your laughter
And in your hearts.

Today is my birthday
Learn to live again without me
Take my strength with you
For you are not alone.
Do not be sad
Feel the rain on your face
Feel all life's treasures and
Know that you are alive!
At each step of the way
I will help you
For I am with you always
Until we meet again.

Today is my birthday....
~ Author Unknown

One of our “five generation” pictures. This picture includes: Jeanne (Deanne’s mom), Deanne , Jeanne’s mom, Zelma,
then Jeanne’s grandmother, Grace, who is holding Deanne’s daughter Megan.

Deanne and her sister Danielle with Deanne’s daughter Megan in the center.

Deanne and her daughter, Megan

The beautiful gift above and the wonderful sunflower birthday gifts on this web page for Angel Deanne's birthday are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

This precious gift is from Denice.

And this cute birthday gift is from Angie.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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