In Loving Memory of
Kenneth "Jason" Currey
November 5, 1975 - November 29, 1999

Our hero Jason died Monday, Nov. 29, 1999, in Eiliat, Israel. He was 24 years old.

This very special gift is from our dear friend Susan.

Jason was born Nov. 5, 1975, in Lubbock. He graduated from Coronado High School. He attended Texas Tech University where he was a member of Alpha Phi Omega.
He served on the Lubbock National Bank Junior Board. He attended Collage Heights Baptist Church. He served in the U.S. Army.

Survivors include his parents, Jeannie Nash and Todd Marshall of Lubbock; a brother, Chas Nash of Lubbock; and his grandparents, Billie and Vearl Hudson and W.T. and Frances Marshall, all of Lubbock.

This wonderful gift for Angel Jason is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

This special gift for Angel Jason is from my friend Janet.

Our little blond-haired, blue-eyed cutie!

Jason and his younger brother Chas were best buddies.

I'm Still Here

Please Mom, do not stand at my grave and weep
I wait at Heaven's Door with all the memories that I keep
Weep not for me, I rest in tranquil places
far beyond what you could know
Be still and hear my voice within your soul

I am not gone, I'm still right here with you
So very close to me and seeing all that you still do
Be not afraid of where I've gone
You cannot even dream of things I know
A Place of beauty I now call home
I see the Face of God with songs of Angels
That sing for me alone

Celebrate the life that I once lived
Keep in your heart the song of love I give
Remember me and keep me close to you
But not with tears, and not because my years were few
But just because I live a life that's new
A place with no more tears or pain or sorrow
Weep not my mom, for we shall meet tomorrow

Written in Memory of Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 to October 19, 2002
By Laura's Mom


My body is gone but I'm always near
I'm everything you feel, see or hear
My spirit is free, but I'll never depart
As long as you keep me alive in your heart
~ Author unknown



I never meant to leave you,
Could I have only stayed,
We would be going on in life,
With all the plans we made.

Now all the hopes and dreams we shared,
Are but sweet memories;
For you to tuck inside your heart,
Now when you remember me.

Remember all the good times,
And all the joy we shared.
Remember how you touched my life,
And how I really cared.

Think back on all the laughter,
And wipe away the tears,
You still have many miles to go,
And will have many years.

Don't look back... look forward,
This day is a brand new one,
And as you travel on in life,
You'll take a bit of my heart.

I never meant to leave you,
But still your not alone
For as long as my love lives in you,
I'll near really be gone.
By Allison Chambers Coxey (c) 1995

Jason and his loving Mom.

We Do Not Need A Special Day

We do not need a special day
To bring you to our minds
The days we do not think of you
Are very hard to find

Each morning when we awake
We know that you are gone
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on

Our hearts still ache with sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know

Our thoughts are always with you
Your place no one can fill
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still

There will always be a heartache
And often a silent tear
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here

If tears could build a staircase
And heartaches make a lane
We'd walk the path to Heaven
And bring you home again

We hold you close, within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again

Our family chain is broken now
And nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again.
Written by Connie Dyer


There Is No Goodbye

You're the sunrise in the morning;
You're the star that shines bright in the night;
You're the gentle breeze across our face;
At the darkest times you'r our light;
You're the courage we have to stand tall;
You're the strength to keep our heads held high;
You're the power and will to carry on...
With the love you gave us there are no goodbyes;
Its been so long since you went away;
But we still feel you up from above;
During the hardest times, we know you're there;
Giving us your courage, strength and love.
You're the unspeakable sadness in our eyes;
You're the tears that stream down our cheek;
You're the constant heartache that we feel;
You're the happiness we hope to seek.
We remember all the love we had for you;
On this day we always dread;
But today we forget that horrible time and reminisce...
About the good memories of you instead.
You will always be tucked away;
Deep inside our broken hearts,
But you will never be forgotten or replaced;
Because we can never again be torn apart.
So the next time we feel that gentle breeze;
Or the tears that start to warm our eyes;
We will smile and always remember....
With the love you gave us;
There is no goodbye.
~ Author Unknown

Light A Candle
And I will light a candle for you.
To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew.
Like a beacon in the night
The flame will burn bright and guide us on our way.
Oh, today I light a candle for you.

The seasons come and go, and I'm weary from the change.
I keep on moving on, you know it's not the same.
And when I'm walking all alone
Do you hear me call your name?
Do you hear me sing the songs we used to sing?

And I will light a candle for you.
To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew.
Like a beacon in the night
The flame will burn bright and guide us on our way.
Oh, today I light a candle for you.

You filled my life with wonder, touched me with surprise,
Always saw that something special deep within your eyes.
And through the good times and the bad,
We carried on with pride.
I hold onto the love and life we knew.

And I will light a candle for you.
To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew.
Like a beacon in the night
The flame will burn bright and guide us on our way.
Oh, today I light a candle for you.

I wrote your name on the sand, but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky, but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it'll stay.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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