In Loving Memory of
Jeannie Dru Bowen
October 23, 1955 - March 29, 2012

These are four beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Jeannie from my dear friend, Marie.
You can visit her website for her Angel Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site

Below are some pictures that we took 3 weeks prior to my sister Jeannie's death. We were celebrating our Connie Holly's Heaven Day Feb 28.
We had 4 beautiful days together that weekend. Jeannie spent a week with me,
then traveled home and was gone the following week. I miss both Connie and Jeannie so much.

Jeannie Dru Bowen was born Oct 23, 1955 ~ Died March 29,2012. She loved horses and hiking the outdoors.
She never had children, but loved her favorite dog Feebee.


I do not have many pics at the moment because Jeannie lived in our parents home, and last year after our father passed away,
his home burned down. It was just 4 days after our father died. Jeannie had been living there for the past few years, since I had our dad with us in my home.
So needless to say, we lost everything our parents owned, and all the family pictures, keepsakes,
and she lost everything to her name. She made it out of the house without being hurt, praise God.

I do have some pics, and I need to scan some of Jeannie when she was young. I did find some even after
our parents house burned down the same week our father passed away. We lost everything in the house fire
of our parents, but Jeannie lost her heritage as well because she was living in their home
when the fire happened. So not only did we lose our parents' memories,
but Jeannie lost everything from her short life.

Here are a couple of pics we took before our dad passed...

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Jeannie's web page from my dear friend, Shirley.

We had Jeannie's memorial service in Newberry Springs April 21, where she attended church, and her cremation
at Green Acres Memorial Park in Bloomington, Ca. Graveside service took place on Monday July 2, @ 2:00 P.M.



A friend can hear a tear drop.

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