A Decorating Easter
With Bunnies, Chicks and My Angel Lee

Happy 18th Heavenly Easter My Angel
Lee Henry Aguilera

The Best Easter Bunny I Ever Had
Drawn By My Angel Lee



Bunnies are part of Easter
I know as I held one in my arms
As a baby, a little boy, even a grown up
And you always had such charm

Eggs are part of Easter also
Chocolate ones, jelly beans too
Those egg hunts, so much fun then
Just memories now, although wonderful
But that was way back when

It would't be Easter without those chicks
Baby ones, Adult's too
Another wonderful memory of Easter
From way back when
Another very sad Reminder though
Because now I don't have you

I add to all of my Easter pages
The Bunny you drew and gave to me
In a frame
Most People know him as Bugs Bunny
I know him as Lee, that's his name

Easter used to be a lot of fun though
Especially with Youself and Amy
But with this hole in my heart
And memories just to live by
Everything now just seems so very far apart

You will forever remain in my heart
Although we will always seem so far apart
There will be one light that will always shine
I will forever be your Mom
You will forever be mine

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera
In Loving Memory Of My Angel Lee


Dearest Maria
Thank you so much for your undivided Love and Attention whenever I ask you for anything, and I mean anything, new pages, switching graphics around,
you are always there.
I know so many people Love and Respect you in what you do, and that for sure includes me.
My Deepest Thank You and Respect, and I know My Angel Lee feels that way too
I Love You

Thank You My Lego Friend For Being a part Of My Lee's Easter Page
For Christopher's Heaven Day, Page One

Thank You Angel Momma For Being Here And Apart Of My Lee's Easter Page

Thank You Angel Victor For Being Here And Apart Of My Lee's Easter Page
Treasured Thoughts

Thank You Eternal Friend For The Above Gift

Dear Patricia
It has been a very hard year for you and Joe again. I know you always want to be here to help me
and can't for reasons of, but please don't worry yourself over it. I just wished I could do things myself,
then I wouldn't have to rely on wonderful people.

Thank You Cindy Jo And Angel Michelle
Michelle Marie Greever

Easter morning is drawing near
Time goes by it's another year
Easter is a day to celebrate
Christ has risen on this date
Those of us that suffer still
Bears the pain that is no thrill
In our deepest thoughts and heart
Someone is gone that was a part
It makes no difference when they left
We are filled with grief and are bereft
Our loved one is gone and nowhere near
They were our children so special and dear
As the holiday approaches again
Our minds go back way back when
To a time when things were so very clear
When our loved one was always here
Now we must face this alone
Shattered hopes and a broken home
We never conceived this thought in our mind
That it would happen how it would unwind
There is nothing left that I can do
But cherish the memories I have of you
This I know and I will pray
That you are with Christ this very day

Author: Robert Walters Sr.

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