Happy Valentines Day To My Angel
Lee Henry Aguilera

The Above Drawing has, and always will be part of my My Valentine Page.
A Drawing My Angel Drew For Me



Who Was Once My Baby
GOD Lifted Up My Life
And Gave Me A Beautiful Gift
(By Four Months Old)
(He Was My Baby Valentine)


Who Was Once My Little Boy
My Life Was Then
Oh So Full Of Joy
(He Started To Be)
(My Little Boy Valentine)


He Grew So Fast
It Didn't Take Long
The Years Had Started To Pass
(Although He Was Getting Bigger)
(He Was Still My Valentine)


His Teen Year's
By These Years He Knew
What He Wanted To Do
(He Sure Did, Talented In Drawing/Poetry/Art)
(He Was My Talented Valentine)


Through His Adult Years
He Drew, And Framed For Me
Picture's I Treasured Then
Picture's I Will Treasure Always
Especially Now That He Is Free
(A Young Man Became An Artist)
(My Artist My Valentine)


You Meant So Very Much To Me
From The Time You Came Into My Life
Now Ten Years Without You
So Much Pain, So Much Heartache
It Will Never Stop Cutting Like A Knife (As Much As I Hurt, And Always Will)
(You Will Always Be My Valentine)


My Angel Who Is In Heaven
My Angel Who Lives Above
Every Holiday, Special, Or Just Any Day
He Is Always There To Send Me

Written In Memory Of My ANGEL
Lee Henry Aguilera

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera
Lee's Mama
I Love You Now, Always To Eternity

A Valentine's Wreath For All Our Angel's
Happy Valentines Day

The gift above was given to Maria by Susie Dunn, Jason's Mama.
Jason's Valentine Page

The gift above was given to Maria by Patricia Bird.

Thank you so much Dearest Maria for letting your ANGEL Christopher be part of Lee's Valentine page,
with these two beautiful gifts above.

Patricia also made me this gift above for your ANGEL Christopher!

Please visit Christopher's special Valentine web page here ~
My Little Valentine


The gift above was made and given to me by my Eternal Friend, Patricia Powell.
Thank you so very much Eternal Friend for letting your ANGEL Brother Victor and yourself
be part of Lee's Valentine page.
Treasured Thoughts

Her Special Valentine

So many tears she has shed
since the day she said goodbye
To her son that she loved with all her heart
Her Special Valentine

She knew right from the very start
how deep her love would grow
And that it would only deepen more
even when he had to go

She wasn't ready to say those words
they were not a part of her heart
It completly defied everything she had known
for it meant that they would part

And part they did, but not by choice
for God had called him home to sing
And on that day so long ago
an Angel got his wings

So now he dwells in God's great home
and waits most patiently
For he knows that day will finally come
together they'll be again, for all eternity

Written by Patricia Powell
In loving memory of Lee Henry Aguilera and his mom Sue-Anne
January 30, 2010

Thank you so very much Eternal Friend
for this Beautiful poem you wrote for myself and Lee.

My Dearest Ann
Thank you so very much Ann for letting ANGEL Laura be part of Lee's Valentines page.
I myself love the photo with you and Laura together, so I got Maria to add that one too.
In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

Thank you Mary for your thoughtfulness to have sent me the above two graphics.

As always My Dearest Maria you have come through for me again. Your work is so Beautiful, each and every time.
Your Friendship means more to me than you will ever know.
Thank You With All My Heart.

Again My Dearest Eternal Friend
You are also here for me when ever I need your help. Your work is also always Beautiful.
Your Friendship means the world to me too.
Thank You With All My Heart.

The Beautiful Gifts Below Are From Very Dear Friends

Thank You Eternal Friend And ANGEL Victor

Thank You Carol And ANGEL Michael
My Angel Son Michael

Thank You Cindy Jo And ANGEL Michelle for the above two gifts.
In Loving Memory of Michelle Marie Greever

Valentines For Our Angels

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In Memory of Dennis Yarbrough

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Robbie Smith Memorial

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Geoffrey P. Edwards

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Rob Northrop's Site

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Thank You Dear Evelyn And Your ANGEL'S Dana And Billy.
Friends and God

Thank You Susie And ANGEL Jason

Jason Christopher Dunn