It Will Be 17 Years In Heaven This Christmas
For My Angel

Lee Henry Aguilera
10-17-74 ~ 08-14-00

At the top of this page it says Christmas Memories, I wish I could add every single photo I have, I also wish I could tell you all the wonderful memories I have of my Angel over the 25 wonderful years I had him in my life, if I could possibly do that it for sure would take up more than this page. But all the photo's, and memories I do have of him are tucked deep in my heart, they will stay there till the end of my life, until GOD calls me HOME where I have to believe HE will take me straight to Lee, even better my Angel will be waiting for me at HEAVEN'S GATES.
I can still see his handsome face looking at me now.

Thank you so much Eternal Friend, Angel Momma and Angel Victor

It doesn't have to be Christmas for my Lee to look through my own home window, yes it is a Beautiful graphic made with love from my Eternal Friend. I do have to believe that my Lee doesn't only look through my window's, he is in my home, getting into mischief, as things do happen on occasions, so I do have to believe he is here with me not only looking through the window at Christmas, but it is a wonderful feeling to think that he would be especially with the snow, even trying to play santa with his hat on, knowing my Lee he is probably helping santa with all the gifts
and playing with his friend the snow man.

Thank you Eternal Friend, Angel Momma and Angel Victor

Many more memories too as from a young age very curious about everything, even as he got older in his teens he still use to shake the gifts to try and figure out what they were. As my daughter Amy got a little older he use to show her how to shake them with out opening them, he did have a wonderful way with her, they were always very close even as they both got older,
they had their spits what kids don't, but most of the time things were good. So many, many wonderful memories.



Christmas Without You

The lights are blinking merrily
The tinsel's on the tree
It sits there in the window
For all the world to see.

The house is filled with holly
And pine cone scents the air
The Christmas cards keep coming
Each one is hung with care.

The gifts are tied with ribbons red
And topped with pretty bows
I'm done with all the details
As far as Christmas goes.

The fire is softly glowing
I think about your touch
But Christmas isn't Christmas
I miss you, oh, so much.

If I could have just anything
My Christmas wish would be
To wake up in the morning
And find you here with me.

I reminisce our Christmas' past
The joy and love we shared
Moonlit walks and midnight talks
And ways you showed you cared.

Staring at your picture
I long to be set free
Tonight the tears are streaming
As I hold it next to me.

Flakes of snow swirl through the air
I'm braced for stormy weather
I wait for brighter days ahead
When we can be together.

So hold a place in heaven dear
Someday when life is through
I'll be the Christmas angel
Who shares this day with you.

Written by Marilyn Ferguson, 2002
Thank you so much Dear Marilyn for giving me your permission to add this poem to my Angel Lee's Christmas Page.

Please visit Echoes of the Heart
to read more of Marilyn's wonderful poetry.


My Dearest Friend Maria
A very Dear Friend that most of us have known over a very long time, know that she has always been there if she can with whatever you need. I know that first hand. Again she has put herself out for me, and completed another Beautiful page for my Angel Lee. Maria I can't thank you enough for helping me out when I know you are always so busy.
Again Thank You So Very Much

Christopher's Christmas Page

Thank you so much for letting My Little Lego Friend and yourself be part of Lee's Christmas.

My Dearest Eternal Friend
As you know our Friendship runs so much deeper than even being Eternal, people may think how can that be but we know it does.
You are also always there for me to help me out with gifts/graphics in spite of your busy life and for that I am always so very grateful.
Thank you so very, very much.

Thank you Dear Momma for sending this to me!

Thank you for letting Angel Victor and yourself be part of Lee's Christmas.

Treasured Thoughts

Thank you My Dear Ann and Angel Laura for being part of Lee's Christmas.
Christmas Blessings From Angel Laura

Dear Linda and Angel Tina, thank you so very much for this Beautiful gift.
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Thank you so very much for your Beautiful gift
Merry Christmas Little Dennis

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Thank you so very much for the above two Beautiful gifts
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Thank you for this very thoughtful gift
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Thank you so very much for your Beautiful gift
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Thank you for this lovely gift!
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For this Lovely gift
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