For You My Precious Angel
My Forever Valentine
Gram's Heart Will Never Forget

A Message of Love to My Beloved Gram

Although you may not see me, you are always in my sight.
I bring the gift of love and guidance, and it's called the "Angel Light."
Please know I always hear you, to me your voice is dear
With the comfort that I bring to you, you need not ever fear.
And to this place I had to come, to do with angels what must be done
To make your world whole and bright, and share with you the "Angel Light."

My Sweet Baby Girl
Mary Jo
My Little Valentine That Lives Forever
In The Corner of My Heart

My little baby angel
It was only for a little while that you made your journey here
This mother's heart cannot forget, and I remember through my tears
All the special days gone by, but you were never here with me
To be the little girl that I'd hoped you'd grow to be
You never opened your little eyes to look upon this world
God sent you here and took you back to be His little girl
Someday He'll tell me why He made you go back home
Leaving me with aching heart and sorrowing all alone
No, my little baby girl, never will I forget
I loved you then, I love you now, and I know we'll meet again
And the special cord that binds us will keep us close till then
Laurasmom (c)

Written with love and in memory of Little Mary Jo Sandstrom
A Special Little Valentine
Who stopped by only for a little while

My gift to you for Valentine's Day
May God forever hold you in the palm of his Hand
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

Happy Valentine's Day From Angel Laura!

My Little Valentine


Your child is now in Heaven
And your heart and life seem blue,
And you may well be thinking
What "happy" means to you.

It may seem just a short time
That your sweet child went away,
Or it may seem a hundred years~~~
It's different every day.

No matter if you had your child
For forty years or none,
You earned the name of "MOTHER"
As soon as conception was done.

Even though your arms are bare
And your beloved child is gone,
The honored name of "MOTHER"
Is something that lives on.

Forever and forever
Your sweet child's MOM you'll be,
And in Heaven you'll be reunited
For all eternity!

So dry your tears sweet MOTHER
And lift your heart in love,
You'll always be a MOTHER
Both here and up above.
2004 Saralyn McAfee Smith

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