Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven
My Beloved Son


If only I could hug you, but this is the only way
I miss you more as time goes by
As tears forever sting my eyes
I want to let you know I miss you so

I remember how you loved to cook and you lived so close to me
Now I only sit and weep, no longer are you there to see
I remember how you endlessly stood at your barbecue
Cooking your grilled chicken
Your favorite thing to do

Always the avid fisherman
With your son beside you there
He would always go where you went
and would follow everywhere


A dad before all else, and nothing could replace
The love you had for family
And your children took first place
Then God called you home to Him
We can't even understand
Why He came to take your hand and
The reason that you had to leave
For us to now just sit and grieve
Our hearts are broken evermore
Someday We'll meet again on that far and distant shore
Where our sadness will turn to laughter
And where tears will be no more

Written for Michael
A Most Special Angel in Heaven
Laurasmom (c)
Valentine's Day 2008

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