Rob Northrop, Jr.
My Beloved Son



My Precious child, that special day is here again
When love is sent to all we hold so dear,
Our families, our loved ones, our friends, no matter far or near
I'm left with only memories of all that I have lost
The price was way to dear for me and my heart has paid the cost
I'm sending a special letter to where you are right now
I know that it is heaven
Beyond where my vision will allow
If you can read my letter, please somehow let me know
And as I sleep with my head resting on my pillow
Come with your angel kisses and place your lips upon my brow
I long to feel my child again, not later, but right now
I make this tearful plea to God, to let you visit for awhile
For He knows the pain a mother feels, and that no longer can I smile
Please dear Lord I ask this once for my child to come to me
Then I promise that all I'll ask of you is to take me home some day
where I shall live with you eternally

Written in Loving Memory of Rob
Valentine's Day 2008
Ann, Laurasmom (c)

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