In Loving Memory of
Rob Northrop
October 28, 1971 - December 23, 1997

This bike originally was Rob's. Our dear friend, Brian Maher, re-did the bike, and now he races on it.

"Rad Rob bike is complete! Will be a honor to ride/race this bike this year for rad rob! R.I.P. Rad"

This is a photo of Rob riding on the bike.

This is Rob's older brother Bobby on his new bike in 2011. Bobby bought the bike that Rob had and kept it for 17 years after Rob passed on.
Then Brian bought it off of Bobby... Brother Bobby was not riding this type of bike any more.

Here is Rob with his Big Brother Bobby.

Rob and I wanted tattoos just before he got diagnosed with cancer, we both liked this motorcycle chain but didnít want matching tattoo's, then he found out about cancer, and they said he couldnít get any ink done on him,
so i only thought it was right after he passed to get that tattoo and put his name on it! Iím not done with it yet, will be better when done!
Funny thing is i got it done out in Phoenix, AZ at a random shop where the guy that did it was from Stratford, Ct. .......R.I.P. Rad Rob

"Riding was really good, i felt good on the rad rob bike! Except for gettin head knocked and breakin my visor on the helmet, i'm good, i think?
Too many head blows! Lol jus kiddin was awesome and glad i got to share that wknd with you! So now u know what i do!"

"Brian Maher ~ Out in front of the pack..."



A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Rob's special dirt bike background modified by my daughter Rachel. Please do not take!
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