Our Angel Tami and Her Best Friend

There comes a time for all of us
when we must say good-bye,
But faith and hope and love
and trust can never, never die.
Although the curtain falls at last
is that a cause to grieve?
The futureís fairer than the past
if only we believe
And trust in Godís eternal care--
So when the Master calls
letís say that life is still more fair
although the curtain falls.
~ Author unknown


With Love for Tami
One of Heaven's Sweetest Angels


Happy Valentine's Day From Angel Laura!

My Little Valentine

A Valentine wish for Tami Watson
My dearest Tami,

You always shared such a big part of yourself
and wrote poems and cards with words straight from your heart.
You always had a special gift of being able to make me smile or laugh
and feel so special and your love to all of us impart.

I found some valentines and cards you made and gave to me
and now they mean more to me than before.
My dear, Tami, my heart goes on but misses you now and feels so sore!
We can say your name, read your words
and look at pictures of your beautiful face,
However, your kindness, warmth, love, wisdom,
laughter, ideas, hugs, twinkle in your eyes, phone calls, messages,
tugs on my sleeve, tender cheek kisses, soft words of encouragement, the soft touch of your hand,
your " I Love You's" and all the joy you gave, dear,
will never be replaced.!

Born in February and such a sweetheart,
You blessed my life in so many ways, right from the start.
You will always be your Maaa's Special sweet Valentine,
I loved you always, love you now and will love you
till the end of time....!!

((((for Tami Watson ))))
from her loving Mother (Maaa)
with a heart full of love for Valentines day...
but, written on Tami's 36th birthday
Sandra Varner


This gorgeous gift for Angel Tami's birthday is from my friend, Linda, mom to Angel Tina.

Tina's Valentines Day

My Heart will go On...
the theme from Titanic, sung by Celine Dion
was one of, my daughter, Tami's favorite songs.....
so, it will forever be special to me!

This beautiful Valentine's Day gift for Angel Tami is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

Please visit Tami's special birthday web page at Happy Birthday Angel Tami!


The Three Brooches

A small gift for Angel Tami's family on Valentine's Day. God bless and comfort us all.

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